Anase Kai— an Aspiring Vocalist and Doctor

  A few years ago, I met up with a few friends of mine and we headed out to a coffee shop. One of my friends, who I’ll refer to as T. for confidentiality reasons, asked me if I would be comfortable with her inviting another friend. I had agreed wholeheartedly. After all, the more the merrier, right? T. dialed her friend’s number on her phone and began speaking into it’s receiver zealously. After about 10 minutes or so, T. returned to us. Her smile seemed cheeky– almost like she’d won some sort of battle, which would end up seeming to be the case.

  The person she had invited was truly amazing. The name Anase in Japanese means “studious”, “quiet”, “respectful”, and many other things of this nature. Anase Kai fit my newest acquaintance perfectly. Once she was seated in the midst of our miniature bevy, I decided to ask her a few things.

  Firstly, I asked if she was from the United States, or some other country due to her name. The response that I received surprised me just a bit. It turned out that Anase Kai wasn’t her original name. She was from America, but had such a strong love for the Asian– and mainly Japanese– culture that she changed her name(both first and last) to something that she believed described herself.

  Secondly, I inquired of her interests. Anase answered shyly: “I really want to be a doctor. I’m currently studying all about the Japanese language, though. Also, if I were a vocalist– and popular enough, I might be able to meet The GazettE. I know, it seems silly.”

  T., myself, and the others all consoled Anase, assuring her that this dream wasn’t silly at all.

  It was an unusual meeting, but we’ve kept in contact ever since. I find that her peculiarities are her charms. We’ve gotten to be the best of friends, and I’m even starting to take interest in some of the things she’s shown me from Japan and other Asian areas.

  This is for Anase. Don’t ever lose sight of your dreams— you know I’ll always support you. I wish you nothing but the best.


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