“Rating of the Day”

  The rating of “Most Liked Song by a Visual Kei Band” for today is awarded to The GazettE with their song “INSIDE BEAST.”

  My reasoning for the selection of this particular song performed and made by one of the tens of thousands of visual kei bands is simple: it sums up the nature of human beings and puts it in a catchy song with amazing instrumental and vocal skills.

  For those of you who haven’t heard the song before, I’ll give you an insight. “INSIDE BEAST” was made and released in 2013 from the album “BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY.” The songs seems to focus on the horrible monster that lurks within us all, whether we are aware of it or not. Light BDSM scenes are shown, revealing to us the physical horrors of people– in this particular part, the percussionist is involved in an S&M scene, posing as the sadist. This can be translated as the way he may abuse the drums while performing.

  Self-destruction is shown in another by the burning of a self-portrait of one band member.

  Another member of the band is dancing with a partner. He then proceeds to thrust her onto a couch, where she lays motionless. This may be interpreted as an action of discarding someone or something once it’s purpose has been lost.

  The lead singer is personified as two people: the “inside beast” to which the lyrics refer, and the outside self which is presented to the world. A pipe is depicted in the room of the less stable representation of the singer, leading one to believe that it’s a mind-altering substance.

  It sounds like a rude awakening to those of us who want to run away from what we know is our weakness. The truth is entailed in genius lyrics and symbolism.

  RATE: 5/5 stars awarded to this song. (*****).

  Please feel free to leave a comment on what you thought about this review. A link below should give you the options of websites on which to view this music video and listen to the song.



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