“Rating of the Day” #3

  So, this song was a little harder to choose. I honestly had about 3 different names on a list, which I’ll share with you.

  •”Blue Flame”, by Alice Nine.
  •”Coming Back to Life”, by Pink Floyd.
  •”The Story”, by Brandi Carlisle.

  Each song has it’s individual, different merits and genre, as well as time setting.

  “Blue Flame” was made and sung by Alice Nine, another famous visual kei band signed to the official PS Sony Company. Lyrically speaking, everything works perfectly. The rhythm was upbeat and well-conducted, while the vocals were amazing. Alice Nine differs from bands like The GazettE and Buck-Tick because of the lighter vocals and tone of voice. It was released in the album “9”, which is their fifth studio album release.

  “Coming Back to Life” was released on the album “Division Bell” in 1994. The lyrics tell of how the Singer was left battered and mistreated by the one he loved, while that person was “dying to believe what you heard.” It talks about moving forward– which is always a good message.

  “The Story” was not only sung with a lot of passion, but musically, it was very good. It was released on April 3, 2007 from the album “The Story”, which was the third album published by her.

  From amongst these songs, I present the winner: “Coming Back to Life”, by Pink Floyd. I officially rate it a 3/5 stars(*****) because Pink Floyd’s vocals aren’t that good– some tribute bands are actually a bit better.

  Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to share your ideas and let me know if my ratings are alright.


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