Visual Kei- All the Categories and Tips

  Visual Kei– when referring to the musical aspect, it covers various genres, but resorts to mainly heavy metal, glam rock, and punk rock.

  On to the “visual” part of Visual Kei. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, and accessories, all are very important aspects of this popular cultural significance.

  First, we’ll go step by step through the explanation and process.

  Makeup. Depending on what level of visualization we’re talking about, the makeup will vary, though not by much extremity. The makeup will consist of a light foundation(and if you would like to achieve a pale look, then I suggest skin lighteners) of about one or more layers, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick. Usually, darker colors will be used; blacks, browns, and deep reds are basic. However, lighter colors may be used.

  Hair. Flamboyant, messy, long, short, blond(e), pink, blue, curly– it all goes. The style of hair is normally very choppy, with numerous layers of different lengths, and sometimes even colors. Sometimes it’s parted to one side, with the ear exposed. This can be done by simply cutting strands of hair to a length just above the ear.

  Accessories. Part of this appealing category depends less heavily upon rings, necklaces, chokers, nail art, fake glasses, hair clips, bracelets, jewels, piercings, etc. A wide array of things may be used to enhance the look.

  Wardrobe. Very flippant clothes are used. Dark clothing, customized shoes, and striking blouses are a few examples.

  Subgenres. “Visual Kei” has many different branches, some influenced by lolita goth, a popular version of goth that consists of an alternative cutesy style with all the morbidity and black color. Both have influenced each other in some way.

  The first category is known as “Angura Kei”, which is characterized by more traditional clothing. It’s from the time of about 1960. Kimonos are frequently used.

  “Eroguro Kei” puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption, and decadence. Although many people associate it with an inappropriate subject, “Guro Kei”(the shortened name for this category) actually depicts things more on a bloody, gore-filled scale.

  “Kote Kei” apparently consists of the following idea and/or goal: seeking the bizarre. Blood, roses, crosses, and corruption are the known imaging.

  “Oshare Kei” is a much lighter form of the usual Visual Kei preferences which includes neon colored clothing, very light makeup(if any such as eyeliner and face paints), and happy messages in songs. Bright colors are used in the hair, as well as different colored contacts.






2 thoughts on “Visual Kei- All the Categories and Tips

  1. msekat says:

    Reblogged this on Ekat House Of Fashion and commented:
    I love how music merges with fashion, the artiste always create an identity for themselves using fashion. This is one of my favorite rock and roll I love the style, and acceorising it’s always intriguing and daring

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