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Huge Miss A Jewelry Haul

I’m officially thankful to Beauty Does for this post! I love her style, and this shop is really amazing. I hope to make a post like this in the near future(though it’ll be for my eBay haul- which is on the way!) and show you my new collection.

Beauty Does

Good afternoon lovely people!

I would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (aka Sample Wednesday) with this very urgent message.


My excitement level cannot be contained ^_^. If you are looking for cute, inexpensive jewelry, Miss A‘s online store is your best bet! Everything, really everything, on the entire website is only $1. You’ll find everything from jewelry to nail polish to ELF products.

They are a US based company that has definitely earned a spot on my favorites list. Their shipping is so fast! Well, I am a state away, but it literally took less than a week from the order date to get here!

Enough rambling, let’s get to the pictures ;). I will put links to the specific products underneath.



These are simple, but they have such an elegant princess feel. And I’m 100% ok…

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Lolita- This Fashion Statement and It’s Subcategories

  Lolita- a branch off of that of Visual Kei and closely related to Oshare Kei and Decora. It’s most often referred to as a “cute form of Goth”, and sometimes even Goth Punk.

  There are a few different sub-genres under Lolita. They are Sweet Lolita, Goth Lolita, Classic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Elegant Goth Lolita, and Classic Goth Lolita. In each, the term “Loli” is often used to shorten the name, such as GothLoli.

  The Lolita fashion branch is based on Victorian Era clothing- which consists of lace, ribbons, and a “cupcake” shaped dress that is achieved by layers of petticoats. It was only until some time ago that the Loli fashion statement began to change, and objects such as headsets, stockings, platform shoes or boots, and parasols were accepted with open arms, which also contributes to the multiple categories.

  Sweet Loli. Also known as Amor Loli focuses strongly on the Victoria and Edwardian Era and uses basic Loli designs with lighter colors and more childlike motifs. Colors such as pink, fresh pink, light or normal red, and pastels are used in makeup. The outfits consist of animals, lace, ribbons, fruit, flowers, and also pastel colors. Jewelry often helps aid in the fantasy theme.


  Goth Loli. The colors in Goth Lolita are darker and mostly consists of dark red and blacks. Black makeup such as eyeliner is often applied to form a certain defined look.


  Elegant Goth Loli. This is a substyle of Goth Lolita and is influenced by the Steampunk fashion.

  Classic Loli. It’s a more mature style of Lolita, and is a mix between Sweet Loli and Goth Loli- it isn’t too sweet or dark, and tends to focus on the Victorian style. Shoes and clothes are more functional, and the jewelry often contains very intricate designs and is less whimsical.


  Punk Loli. Here, punk fashion elements are added to normal Loli and Goth Loli. Animals may be seen, as well as numerous buckles and straps, pins, ties, and other accessories.


  If you have any questions or want a more detailed explanation, feel free to Email me at codegeass0915@yahoo.com or leave a question in the comments. You can also look up any term through your search engine(Yahoo!, Bing, Google, etc.) and find a number of things.

Omnicon 2014!

  For those of you unfamiliar with Omnicon, it’s an event that takes place in the heart of Mcallen, Texas at the Mcallen Convention Center and features anime, manga, games, famous voice actors and actresses, cosplay, competitions, and so much more.

  While I’m not Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or even of Asian ancestry, I’ve always had an unexplained love for the Asian culture and more specifically those of Japanese influence. I love anime and JPop(or Japanese Pop), especially visual kei bands like Buck-Tick, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Versailles(A.K.A. Versailles Philharmonic Quintet), SCREW, SID, and many others.

  You can believe how excited I was when someone knowingly paid me way more than what my little customized story was worth because they really liked it! I almost turned down the extra cash, but my “client” as I call them, wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. So here I am– happy to indulge in what I consider a piece of heaven this Friday(August 1) at what would be my first anime convention.

  My reasoning for never going to any when I was younger was because we simply never had the spare money or time, and I haven’t gone now because I’ve been working as hard as possible to support my mother and sister.

  That reminds me- regarding my sister and the school tuition, the money I’ve received has covered part of the cost, plus the large bonus I had completed it, leaving me with a little leftover money for myself! I couldn’t be more happy about how things have worked out.

  I’m more than excited– not to mention about the shopping that I’ll get to do. I’ve set myself on a budget(which probably isn’t surprising if you’ve read any of my other posts where I talk about financial problems) and am determined to stick to it. I don’t think I’ll survive a day without the water and light.

  I’m definitely going to make a specific post- with pictures!- for all the things that I did, bought(or not), ate(foreign snacks are delicious), played, and other things.

  Whether or not I’m going to do any cosplaying hasn’t been decided yet, but I’m really hoping to at least throw an amazing outfit together with what I already have. If not, then it’s alright. I’ve thought about maybe posing as REITA(Reita, bassist of The GazettE) for the convention, but whenever I see that(or a) noseband, I just can’t help laughing because of the speculations that Reita doesn’t have a nose. I’m pretty sure that he has a nose- there’s no need to fear.


  That hair, though, is something else altogether. I can just imagine how long it would take– not to mention the amount of hair spray and durability of a state of possible flammability. Not to mention the fact that I’d have to do a lot of shopping to at least get clothes that are similar. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe on spending $100 or more on a vest.

  I may add some uniqueness to my outfit for Friday and put on something that one of my own fictional characters would wear.

  Budget, budget, budget! No, I’m not a cheapskate– I just believe in putting needs first and indulging every once in a while. While some people tend to think that a budget is a restriction, I actually see it as a way to inspire creativity. Think about it, if you have $150 to spend on an outfit that resembles someone’s style that you admire, then you’re not going to break the outfit down into pieces and put it together with your own custom touches here and there. If you’re on a budget, you might make the clothes or accessories yourself, have more fun with the whole process, and even learn something new.

  Unfortunately, the only electronic device that I have besides my laptop and T.V.(and other things like an old, hand-me-down MP3, which I love) is my phone, so all my pictures and videos will have to be stored here. I don’t have much memory left, so I’ll have to consider either buying another memory card, a cheap camcorder, or erasing some pictures and videos. Whatever must be done, will be done.

  Anyways, I think I’ve managed to cram all of my excitement into this post, and will keep everyone updated as the date draws near and on the day itself.

  If you have any ideas or suggestions(such as cosplay or camera or budgeting tips and more), I’d love to hear them! Wish me luck.

Personality and Beliefs Check

  Pink or blue? Soda or coffee? Spanish or English? Gothic lolita or Sweet lolita? There are many questions you can ask that’ll reveal more about your personality- and not all of it has to be about animals, colors, or likes.

  What about politics? Are you Democratic, Republican, or Liberal? Are you pro-choice? What’s your practiced religion(s)? What are your beliefs on organized religion? Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? Do you believe in Evolution?

  All of these questions and more can help you understand and relate to others. Your opinions and beliefs are important to you, and you should be proud about what you believe in; but there’s a time and place for making your beliefs known, and acting on them.

  For instance: Let’s say that you believe abortion is wrong(either for religious or personal reasons alike), and you see a woman walking into a clinic. What do you do? Now, in my opinion, even though you hate the fact that this is going on, it’d be best to mind your own business- of course, this is just me. The point is, sometimes your opinions are meant to be private.

  A non-hypothetical example would be demonstrated as follows: When I was in the 8th grade, our class was having a debate. Being that I went to a Christian school, I was the only Democrat-Republican(my beliefs are split- I still find myself very confused about this) in the room, so I was always reprimanded because of my arguments.

  I consider that to be an injustice. Yes, the freedom of speech has caused problems like hate mail and internet videos, but it’s also one of the things I’m most grateful for. I love that I can not like something and say it aloud without being killed, or having to worry about being injured because of what I believe in.

  I stand by what I think is right or wrong, but most of the times I know when and where a friendly debate is O.K., and when to suck it up and keep my opinions to myself.

  Have you ever been in a situation where your beliefs or practices were put to a test? What did you do about the situation? Was it resolved peacefully?

The Feud– Why “Amazon” Doesn’t Accept “PayPal”

  Yesterday, my friend(the one who is engaged) called me over the phone and asked me a mind-boggling question. “Why won’t Amazon give me the option to pay with PayPal?” Naturally, since I’m not using my PayPal account to shop online or in stores, I didn’t know how to answer.

  My interest level instantly went from “Eh, whatever” to “H’m… I don’t know, but I’ll find out” in only a few seconds. So I told my friend that I’d call her back later, and I got to work.

  Within an hour or so, I knew why Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal.

  eBay is one of the leading companies in online sales, a broad and highly appreciated turf amongst us loyal shoppers, and it made PayPal in order to simplify the checkout process.

  When Amazon came along, the two instantly became rivals due to their popularity, and Amazon created its own way of easy checkouts by inventing its very own Checkout process.

  Since the two aren’t related in any way and are rivalled companies, Amazon has it’s own system of checkouts and doesn’t accept PayPal. Pretty dramatic, right?

  I called my friend back, gave them the information, listened to a few rants, then hung up. I’ve heard that there are ways to “cut corners” and use PayPal on Amazon, but I didn’t look into it, and don’t recommend trying this unless you know what you’re doing.

What Made This Day My Day

  There’s literally almost nothing that I like more than pulling out the phone from my pocket and unlocking the screen, opening a neat folder entitled “Blogging Apps”, and clicking on WordPress to check my stats for the day.

  I love views, comments, likes, shares, new readers, reblogs, and the overall works of the blogging industry statistics. So when I checked the records and other things for today, I was proud to have two of my posts discovered by “search engine terms”! Since this blog is still new, I was really happy and even more excited.

  Hopefully, I’ll continue to write good posts that’ll be easily understood and digested.

“Into the Storm”, Upcoming Motion Picture Film

  After seeing the trailer for this movie several times while browsing the web in the wee hours of fresh daylight and hearing about it from my chatty, odd, and amazing friends, I’ve made the choice to pay the good old theater a visit when “Into the Strom” is officially released and the majority of people have already gotten seeing another carbon copy of “2012” out of their destruction-seeking, movie-watching systems.

  I can’t exactly say that I’m fond of movies where the world is thrown into a never-ending winter, lawlessness is allowed for a whole one day out of each and every poverty filled year, is completely destroyed by fire as is said to happen by the apostle John when he is writing most of what’s seen in a vision as a book called “Revelation”, or plunged into total chaos by earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other gruesome things, because it sends a shiver down my spine.

  Nonetheless, I do like to see the different, new, and bolder scenarios that the producers over in Hollywood are slamming their heads against a desk to come up with so that they can satisfy most of humanities natural desire to see world disaster. Sadly, I don’t think that it’ll be fun any more to watch movies like that when and if it becomes a reality.

  Even though I sound annoyed with the idea of watching this movie, I’m actually really looking forward to it. Hopefully, once I’ve seen and formulated my opinion on it, I’ll write a review about it, listing the pros and cons to it with as little spoilers as I can possibly put.

Barnes & Noble- I Salute You

  Today I decided to withdraw from my little piece of comfort, joy, solitude, and hermit-like state of living so that I could “cruise the town” and hopefully stumble upon a hidden spring of information and inspiration. My first stop? A quick bite to eat at a Wendy’s from their dollar menu- unfortunately or not, I hate spending a lot of money on takeout; I love cooking my own meals, as well as indulging every once in a while and stuffing my mouth with salty French Fries and a bacon cheese burger.

  I finished my meal and exited the building quickly. I still had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to go, so I got in my car and sat there for a few minutes before having the genius idea to visit a place that I really love more than any other place. Barnes & Noble.

  Being able to look at so many books in one place fascinates me, which makes the library my second favorite place. Not only do they have a lot of books, but the variety is great! I have to admit for all of you manga/anime fans out there that they’re a little shabby in the manga and anime department, yet other than that, the selection is fantastic. They do tend to over price their books, movies, music, etc.,(to give you an example of what I mean, a series of only 13 episodes cost approximately $50- crazy, right?) but I know that business is business.

  Even though I was on a very limited budget, I think I managed to waste more money on gas then on anything I actually bought; which happened to be a sketch book for $3.

  I really love how helpful the majority of the staff is whenever I go there- they answer any questions you ask, show you certain areas you were looking for, suggest certain things if you’re not sure what it is you want, and much more(probably because it’s their job). I even love their mini-coffee area. I’m a huge coffee lover– I just can’t get enough of the Mocha Moolatte from Dairy Queen(it could be the fact that I like to save my money and freelance writing doesn’t exactly have a stable or fixed income), or the French Vanilla that I drink while writing. I know that caffeine causes Kidney Stones(these are “stones” that really can’t be seen and are excreted during urination. Some cases are so bad that before a person passes a Kidney Stone, they may become nauseated and throw up, faint, or even have horrible headaches. Drinking large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis will likely make this painful thing possible) and supposedly stunts growth, but I figure that I’m not going to grow anymore, so why not?

  About their shop- it’s like a café, and what’s better than a book store with a café in it? They even sell sweets and other consumable products.

  The only downside about Barnes & Noble is their somewhat lackadaisical “no reading the books or sitting down in an aisle” policy- which is basically ignored by the general population, which I find rude. Rules are made to be followed and obeyed, not broken. Oh well, most of the times, the occasional dedicated employee with kindly inform a rebellious visitor of the rules. I’ll be the first to admit that I do sometimes read part of a book while sitting down at a hidden table somewhere at the back of the café so as to not be seen until either a few minutes before closing, or someone finds me and scolds me in a polite way.

  Overall, the trip really made my day and I hope to go there again tomorrow to see what else piques my interest.



  The setting sun had become just the same as that which rises. When you don’t sleep for days on end, the sun and moon begin to look the same, the hours begin to blur.

  She extended a slender hand which was immediately engulfed by the surrounding darkness, and let a long breath of air in the form of a ghostly yawn escape past her lips.

  Nothing stirred in the house besides her and the anxiety that plagued her mind. The sound of her turning to rest on her side echoed within the walls of her confined train of thought.

  Splendid silence; but no sleep. She was exhausted, every muscle ached and her eyelids were heavy with worries, but she simply couldn’t rest in peace.