My New Blog

  I’ve become… well, basically obsessed.

  The band that I keep ranting about(The GazettE) has become something that I really can’t stop talking about- so to channel my feelings, I’ve created another blog.

  So far, it only has one post; but let me know how it turned out. Thank you!

Music Rants: Why I Believe Japanese Music Is Best

  I have no idea why, but as stated, for some unknown reason, this post is dedicated to why I think that Japanese music is better than any other(well, I’m mostly targeting/picking on American music).

  My main argument and discussion about this topic centers around the fact that there are very few singers(good ones, that is) here in America. Unfortunately, younger and more recent generations of all people have stereotypically rejected real singing and human voices in general, and instead have found a love for techno.

  I, myself, happen to like only a few songs that involve techno, and even then it falls under “nu metal” and “rock.” What can I say? I prefer meaningful lyrics, vocal talent, and real instruments over remixes and the mechanical wizardry of modern society.

  Japanese music does have its own faults, considering the fact that they have a whole lot of techno, but not every genre of anything is perfect. I love the style: most Japanese bands look and sound great, and they usually aren’t just a bunch of pretty boys or girls(and believe me, some of the men in Visual Kei bands are literally pretty, cute, or beautiful).

  I love the sincerity in their voices and instruments as they sing and play. The lyrics are sensible, and carries great tunes and skills.

  Here are a few bands that I love with descriptions and such so that you don’t freak out when you realize that the cute girl you saw is actually a guy, and vice-versa: 

  Versailles Philharmonic Quintet. Though disbanded, the vocalist who goes by Kamijo Yuji owns his own record company and is very active in the music industry. A band member passed away in 2009 by the name of Jasmine You, reducing the band to only four members, still all male. Masahi is the drummer, Teru is the guitarist, Hizaki(who is a man dressed as a woman- listen to the music before judging, please) is the other guitarist, and Kamijo is the vocalist. The theme of the band is “Vampires.” The costumes are very elaborate. Songs I recommend would be “Philia”, “Vampire”, “Masquerade”, “Glowing Butterfly”, “Serenade”, “Flowery”, and “Prince.”

  The GazettE. This band is also all men, and has five members. They used to have a member named Yune, but he is no longer in it. Ruki is the singer, Kai is the drummer, Reita is the bassist, Uruha and Aoi are the guitarist. Ruki can also play the guitar and piano. Reita wears a bandana or noseband over his nose. Uruha has beautiful lips and thighs- I have to say that he looks most like a woman, or very beautiful. They have all had very interesting looks in their careers. Songs I recommend would be “Guren”, “Reila”. “PLEDGE”, “INSIDE BEAST”, “Dripping Insanity”, “RED”, “REMEMBER THE URGE”, “Silly God Disco”, “Burial Applicant”, and “Taion.”

  BUCK-TICK. This band is considered one of the founding fathers for Visual Kei fashion. The lead singer is Atsushi Sakurai. This band is the oldest in this list. Songs I recommend would be “Galaxy”, “Kagerou”, and “DRESS.” All male.

  MEJIBRAY. Songs I recommend would be “Avalon”, “Raven”, and “Killing Me.” All male, again,

  Alice Nine. All male band members. Songs I recommend would be “Heart of Gold” and “Blue Flame.”

  SID. All male(I like male singers more- the vocal range is great). Songs I recommend would be “Hanabira”, “Uso”, “Rain”, and “Monocrome No Kiss.”  

  I’ll stop ranting and raving now, and ask about your opinions. If you looked any of my suggestions up(If you’re not fluent in Japanese, looking up the lyrics in English would be wise, but before that, just listen to the voices and instruments and formulate an opinion) and want to share, please do! If you have any suggestions for me, let me know, and feel free to ask questions!

Love is Free

  Love is the greatest gift we can give- love can ease the pain of loss and sadness, give people hope for the future, help others to gain a new perspective of life, and so many other things.

  Four letters and a single syllable has never been so strong. A mother’s, siblings, friend’s, and others love can sometimes seem smothering, but it’s all worth it.

  Giving is better than receiving, and I love to live by this moral and principle.

  My birthday is in a month, but my mother and grandmother’s is first, followed by my sister’s in October; rather than thinking about my “wishlist”, I’m trying to think of something that my family members would like. I can’t afford anything expensive, and I may have to make the gifts myself, but I think it’s all worth it.

  This is my view on life and love- and there’s a saying that helps me through the tough times, and it just so happens to be the famous “Serenity Prayer.”

  This prayer says so much- the first time I read it, my heart was truly touched and I felt so glad for my blessed life.

  The Serenity Prayer.

  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen.” -Reinhold Niebuhr.

Blogging Subjects- Help is Here(Hopefully)

  I’ve hit a wall- one that refuses to collapse unless I bring in Mr.Gorbachov or the Hulk; either way, I hit the point in my “blogging career” where inspiration isn’t a wide and flowing river, but a trickling stream that offers nothing but pity.

  We all come to this soon enough, now, what you do in response is what matters. If you decide to give up altogether, then that won’t get anything done; but if you try to find a solution, then you might hit the jackpot.

  Writing daily is a good practice, but for those busy folks, writing on occasion is alright, too.

  Writing ideas. Coming up with something to write and post isn’t always easy, so here are a few simple examples to set your mind at ease and give you a small helping hand.

  1.)Nature. Describe the scenery around you- it can help give your readers a feel of where you live, and can even bring you closer to them through possible similarities.

  2.)Childhood Reminiscence. Post something a little more personal- maybe a funny occasion when you were younger, something that you looked forward to, or even a heart-gripping story. You could write about your favorite pet, elementary school, or best friend.

  3.)Opinions. Start a discussion about technology, environmentalists, famous singers and actors, or anything with which you have a genuine interest.

  4.)Review Movies, Books, Etc. If you’ve read a book, seen a movie, listened to a song, or done a drawing or arts and crafts object, voice the description of it and state your likes and dislikes while trying not to give spoilers(unless you’ve included a spoiler warning).

  5.)Lists. You can never have too many lists. Lists… well, list, your likes and can be helpful for others who are searching for something. Make a list of the top 10 books you recommend for others to read and why, or do the same with any other topic. The length and subject is up to you.

  6.)Gathering Resources. Leave feedback on other Blogger’s posts and ask for advice. Read their posts and study the topics that they cover, why they do so, and how they format it. Everyone has a different style, but looking at their way of doing things might inspire you to make some changes or write about something new.

  7.)Facts. Not all blogs are educational, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t post random facts like why flamingos are pink and other things.

  8.)Awareness. Not everyone has time to watch the news in the morning, listen to the radio, or even pick up a newspaper. Watching the news and writing down the important and current events can help keep others up to date, and make you a semi-journalist.

  9.)Cultural Studies. If there’s a country or culture that you’re fascinated with, do a little research and post about that. Let others know about India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Spain, or any place that you like. It doesn’t have to be a full-on report. Just include some common facts, maybe photos, why you like this place, the system of currency, or some unknown facts and opinions.

  10.)Target: Stomach. A lot of people love cooking, and eating the food that’s cooked. Jotting down clear steps to making a dish that you like or want to try can appeal to a great deal of people and give you something to write about.

  11.)Secret Talent. Maybe you have something that you’re really good at. Don’t keep it all to yourself. If you’re talented, be proud and tell people.

  12.)Everyday. Write about your day- why it was good, why it was bad, what the weather was like, if you met anyone new, what you did that made you smile, anything and everything that happens to you in a single day.

  13.)Arts and Crafts. Share D.I.Y(Do It Yourself) projects that you liked and want other to know about. Explain the hard or easy process and be sure to tell everyone how to do it and how it turned out, whether it was a failure or a success.

  14.)Quotations. Quote things from others- famous or not- that go with your mood, style, or anything else.

  15.)Support. Share information about a charity or at-home-cause that really calls to you. Include things like what they’re supporting, how to help the cause, other social media pages to follow, like, contact, etc., and what you can do to help.

  16.)Dreamland. Dreams can either be weird, or completely normal; then again, our thoughts on what normal actually is varies. Describe a dream that you had(old or new) that you want to share. Cover the dream itself and how you acted when you woke up.

  17.)It’s a Drabble. A Drabble is a short, fictional post of only 100 words. It’s a good challenge for writers and those who are interested in writing, and it helps the mind. You can create an account at

  18.)Shopping Hauls. Focus on what arrived in the mail or was bought at a store. Clothing, jewelry, any accessories, shoes, art supplies, you hobby supplies- use your stuff at a shopping session and share with your readers. There’s Miss A, eBay, Amazon, Milanoo, Goodwill, Barnes and Noble, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, h.Naoto, Hot Topic, and so many other hauls.

  19.)Faith. Religion. Share your beliefs and what you think is right.

  That’s all I have for now. Hopefully this served its purpose and I’ve lit a fire under you. Good luck, and happy hunting fellow bloggers and readers.

D.I.Y. Denim Projects

  Do you have an old pair of pants laying around? Maybe they don’t fit, are way too faded, or your love for them has simply vanished. Instead of throwing them away, and if you’re not planning on giving them to someone else because of sentimental value, why not cut them up and use them to make other cool things?

  I had a pair of denim pants that didn’t fit anymore(they were high water), so I got my sewing kit out and went to work.

  Phone case. Materials: 1.)Needle and thread(preferably a color that matches your pants), 2.)Old jeans, 3.)A phone, and 4.)Scissors(fabric would be best, but since I didn’t have any, I used regular).

  Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric large enough to fold over your phone, leaving about an inch or so on each side. You can also try something else: Cut two symmetrical pieces of fabric and leave an inch of space on each side.

  Step 2: If you cut a large piece that folds over, make sure that your phone is placed on the inside-out part. If you cut two pieces, place the phone in the center.

  Step 3: Begin sewing. When you’re sewing, leave some space between the edge of the fabric and the phone. Don’t sew directly beside the phone, but don’t put too much space. Whether you’re using one or two pieces, leave the top open and don’t sew it. Use your phone as a guideline.

  Step 4: Cut off the excess fabric on all sides, mindful not to cut too near the thread, otherwise it might unravel(so you have to leave some space). Take the phone out and turn your pocket right-side out so that you can see the darker part that you normally see on pants.

  You’re done! Add other things to it that will be your own design, if you want. I’m sorry that I couldn’t show the step-by-step pictures, but here’s my turn out.


A Little Bump Goes a Far Way

  The date is some years ago(approximately over 5 years, anyway) and the setting is around 2:30 P.M., at the house of Hinojosa, where a visitor has just arrived and is settling. The age of the youngest sibling is 3 years old- the time where they’re still adorable.

  I remember this event more clearly than any of the others I’ve shared with you. Partially because it’s been branded in my mind, and at the time, it was hilarious. In the end, though, I think it did its fair share of irreparable damage.

  My Aunt had come over for the afternoon to “hang out” with her favorite nieces- probably because we are still her only nieces.

  She excused herself to the bathroom while my mother, sister, and I sat down in the T.V. room to set up a competitive and fun game of UNO. There were beverages on coasters and snacks in bowls and on plates set up on the table as well.

  We didn’t notice when my sister sneaked away, most likely to bother or “check” on out Aunt.

  That’s when we heard it- a loud, deafening shriek. A pudgy, baby-fat-is-still-there shriek. We ran out of the room and witnessed something that I had believed to be horribly funny. My sister ran, tripped, and fell, hitting her head against not only the buffet, but the TILE floor as well. A loud “crack!” was heard, then some wailing.

  As I look back on it, I think I wish I would’ve taken it a bit more seriously. After all, she could’ve really hurt herself; but she was fine. I don’t know what scared her. It might’ve been the spider on the wall that no one bothered to kill because it was large AND apparently ready to jump.

  She developed a large bump, and my mom(being a nurse) used a Sharpie to mark it and made sure that the swelling went down. Since I told her(said sibling) that our mom was actually playing tic-tac-toe on her forehead, she believes it with all of her heart to this very day.

  That injury explains a lot. Such as her horrible scores on Driver’s Ed tests, her social acceptance, sewing skills, and so much more.

Japanese Words of the Day

  I’ve been studying the Japanese language, both symbolic and in words, and I’ll not be the first to say that it is way harder than it looks and isn’t too hard at the same time.

  As someone who comes from Spanish and English speaking households, when I look at the Japanese system of communication, I can spot some words that sound English, Spanish, and even French.

  For instance: when I was in my early teen years(at least, I think that’s when it was) I thought that the word “sayonara” was French. I knew that it meant “goodbye”, but I had no idea that it was actually Japanese.

  The language can be difficult to master and speak/write fluently for beginners, but practice makes perfect. I used to- and still do so on occasions to keep my mind sharp- stay up practicing my symbols, and how to put them together to form a sentence or phrase.

  I you know Spanish, then you’ll know that most of the times, a statement is what I call “reversed.” This means that you’ll say one thing in Spanish, and if you translate it directly into English, it’ll sound off or as if the verb came before the subject. The same rule often applies to Japanese statements: Bandodesu za• Gazetto– or The GazettE is a band.

  Bando=Band, Desu=Is, Za•=The, and Gazetto=Gazette. Normally, you’d think that it’d be “Za• Gazetto desu bando”, but that’s incorrect. In this case, “band(bando) and is(desu)” are linked and followed by “the(za•) and Gazetto(Gazette).

  Also, if you take the words band and Gazette, you’ll notice that the Japanese form of these words are very similar to that of the English form. Use the knowledge that you have of other languages and combine it in your efforts to pursue a new language.

  Good luck to you if you’re currently trying to learn another language. Try your best and don’t be discouraged!

The “RGV Lolita” Group

  While at Omnicon, I attended a panel, or seminar, about Japanese Street Fashion which covered Decora and some Visual Kei, then gravitated toward the Lolita fashion. I was very impressed by the three representatives of the “RGV Lolita” group that directed the Power Point and gave all of beginning Lolitas easy hints and tips on how to start off in that category.

  They have a Facebook group especially for those Lolitas in the Rio Grande Valley, which is at the tip of Texas, that currently has 61 members, myself included. They gather and meet monthly to discuss small events and other gatherings, trade clothes and buy and sell garments as well, have a tea party, and trade any advice that they’ve acquired.

  I’m very excited to be a part of something that has others who are interested in the same “odd” things that I am when it comes to Japanese fashion. If you live in the Rio Grande Valley and are interested in or are already Lolita, I suggest checking out their Facebook group.

Omnicon Haul

  I found a lot of cool things and met a great deal of awesome cosplayers. My sister(who has just received her invasalign braces) lost the darn, clear things in a trashcan, apparently while I was gone enjoying myself. I think she takes after me. My mom told me all about it over the phone, then asked if I could come over to clean. Having to leave the event early made me sad, but I can still go back since I have the band and I figure that I owe her since she carried me around for 9 months.

  Anyways, time for photos of what I bought!


Domo- Skeleton version.


Death Note Notebook(which actual instructions and names from the show written inside).


A set of cards for my Uncle.


Ciel and Eevee pins.


Inuyasha: The Final Cut(Part 1).

  And that’s it! I also met David Yost, the original blue Power Ranger. As well as a few others. It was a lot of fun!