Blogging Subjects- Help is Here(Hopefully)

  I’ve hit a wall- one that refuses to collapse unless I bring in Mr.Gorbachov or the Hulk; either way, I hit the point in my “blogging career” where inspiration isn’t a wide and flowing river, but a trickling stream that offers nothing but pity.

  We all come to this soon enough, now, what you do in response is what matters. If you decide to give up altogether, then that won’t get anything done; but if you try to find a solution, then you might hit the jackpot.

  Writing daily is a good practice, but for those busy folks, writing on occasion is alright, too.

  Writing ideas. Coming up with something to write and post isn’t always easy, so here are a few simple examples to set your mind at ease and give you a small helping hand.

  1.)Nature. Describe the scenery around you- it can help give your readers a feel of where you live, and can even bring you closer to them through possible similarities.

  2.)Childhood Reminiscence. Post something a little more personal- maybe a funny occasion when you were younger, something that you looked forward to, or even a heart-gripping story. You could write about your favorite pet, elementary school, or best friend.

  3.)Opinions. Start a discussion about technology, environmentalists, famous singers and actors, or anything with which you have a genuine interest.

  4.)Review Movies, Books, Etc. If you’ve read a book, seen a movie, listened to a song, or done a drawing or arts and crafts object, voice the description of it and state your likes and dislikes while trying not to give spoilers(unless you’ve included a spoiler warning).

  5.)Lists. You can never have too many lists. Lists… well, list, your likes and can be helpful for others who are searching for something. Make a list of the top 10 books you recommend for others to read and why, or do the same with any other topic. The length and subject is up to you.

  6.)Gathering Resources. Leave feedback on other Blogger’s posts and ask for advice. Read their posts and study the topics that they cover, why they do so, and how they format it. Everyone has a different style, but looking at their way of doing things might inspire you to make some changes or write about something new.

  7.)Facts. Not all blogs are educational, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t post random facts like why flamingos are pink and other things.

  8.)Awareness. Not everyone has time to watch the news in the morning, listen to the radio, or even pick up a newspaper. Watching the news and writing down the important and current events can help keep others up to date, and make you a semi-journalist.

  9.)Cultural Studies. If there’s a country or culture that you’re fascinated with, do a little research and post about that. Let others know about India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Spain, or any place that you like. It doesn’t have to be a full-on report. Just include some common facts, maybe photos, why you like this place, the system of currency, or some unknown facts and opinions.

  10.)Target: Stomach. A lot of people love cooking, and eating the food that’s cooked. Jotting down clear steps to making a dish that you like or want to try can appeal to a great deal of people and give you something to write about.

  11.)Secret Talent. Maybe you have something that you’re really good at. Don’t keep it all to yourself. If you’re talented, be proud and tell people.

  12.)Everyday. Write about your day- why it was good, why it was bad, what the weather was like, if you met anyone new, what you did that made you smile, anything and everything that happens to you in a single day.

  13.)Arts and Crafts. Share D.I.Y(Do It Yourself) projects that you liked and want other to know about. Explain the hard or easy process and be sure to tell everyone how to do it and how it turned out, whether it was a failure or a success.

  14.)Quotations. Quote things from others- famous or not- that go with your mood, style, or anything else.

  15.)Support. Share information about a charity or at-home-cause that really calls to you. Include things like what they’re supporting, how to help the cause, other social media pages to follow, like, contact, etc., and what you can do to help.

  16.)Dreamland. Dreams can either be weird, or completely normal; then again, our thoughts on what normal actually is varies. Describe a dream that you had(old or new) that you want to share. Cover the dream itself and how you acted when you woke up.

  17.)It’s a Drabble. A Drabble is a short, fictional post of only 100 words. It’s a good challenge for writers and those who are interested in writing, and it helps the mind. You can create an account at

  18.)Shopping Hauls. Focus on what arrived in the mail or was bought at a store. Clothing, jewelry, any accessories, shoes, art supplies, you hobby supplies- use your stuff at a shopping session and share with your readers. There’s Miss A, eBay, Amazon, Milanoo, Goodwill, Barnes and Noble, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, h.Naoto, Hot Topic, and so many other hauls.

  19.)Faith. Religion. Share your beliefs and what you think is right.

  That’s all I have for now. Hopefully this served its purpose and I’ve lit a fire under you. Good luck, and happy hunting fellow bloggers and readers.

Barnes & Noble- I Salute You

  Today I decided to withdraw from my little piece of comfort, joy, solitude, and hermit-like state of living so that I could “cruise the town” and hopefully stumble upon a hidden spring of information and inspiration. My first stop? A quick bite to eat at a Wendy’s from their dollar menu- unfortunately or not, I hate spending a lot of money on takeout; I love cooking my own meals, as well as indulging every once in a while and stuffing my mouth with salty French Fries and a bacon cheese burger.

  I finished my meal and exited the building quickly. I still had no idea what I was going to do or where I was going to go, so I got in my car and sat there for a few minutes before having the genius idea to visit a place that I really love more than any other place. Barnes & Noble.

  Being able to look at so many books in one place fascinates me, which makes the library my second favorite place. Not only do they have a lot of books, but the variety is great! I have to admit for all of you manga/anime fans out there that they’re a little shabby in the manga and anime department, yet other than that, the selection is fantastic. They do tend to over price their books, movies, music, etc.,(to give you an example of what I mean, a series of only 13 episodes cost approximately $50- crazy, right?) but I know that business is business.

  Even though I was on a very limited budget, I think I managed to waste more money on gas then on anything I actually bought; which happened to be a sketch book for $3.

  I really love how helpful the majority of the staff is whenever I go there- they answer any questions you ask, show you certain areas you were looking for, suggest certain things if you’re not sure what it is you want, and much more(probably because it’s their job). I even love their mini-coffee area. I’m a huge coffee lover– I just can’t get enough of the Mocha Moolatte from Dairy Queen(it could be the fact that I like to save my money and freelance writing doesn’t exactly have a stable or fixed income), or the French Vanilla that I drink while writing. I know that caffeine causes Kidney Stones(these are “stones” that really can’t be seen and are excreted during urination. Some cases are so bad that before a person passes a Kidney Stone, they may become nauseated and throw up, faint, or even have horrible headaches. Drinking large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis will likely make this painful thing possible) and supposedly stunts growth, but I figure that I’m not going to grow anymore, so why not?

  About their shop- it’s like a café, and what’s better than a book store with a café in it? They even sell sweets and other consumable products.

  The only downside about Barnes & Noble is their somewhat lackadaisical “no reading the books or sitting down in an aisle” policy- which is basically ignored by the general population, which I find rude. Rules are made to be followed and obeyed, not broken. Oh well, most of the times, the occasional dedicated employee with kindly inform a rebellious visitor of the rules. I’ll be the first to admit that I do sometimes read part of a book while sitting down at a hidden table somewhere at the back of the café so as to not be seen until either a few minutes before closing, or someone finds me and scolds me in a polite way.

  Overall, the trip really made my day and I hope to go there again tomorrow to see what else piques my interest.


A Prehistoric Adventure

  A small segment from something I’m working on. It has to do with dinosaurs, creatures that have fascinated me for ages.

Chapter 1: Genetic Crisis– Part 1

  I looked at the sheet of paper with the museum’s layout printed on it in the form of an ironically white blueprint and turned my head slightly to the left.

  Today was the Holistor Museum National Celebration Day– a very important event amongst the elder townspeople and the curious children of younger age. Most of the adults between the two similar groups were too busy with their overpriced lunches and busy work schedules to attend the rare and once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.

  “Am I seriously the only 23 year old in this building?” I asked in utter disbelief. Without another word, I slipped away from a crowd of nursing home patients that would surely keep me in one spot for over five minutes.

  Nothing really caught my attention. Everything was basically the same– except for all the visitors. That’s when I saw it. A new room.

  Curiosity overcame me, and I inched closer to the mysterious looking door. It must be an extension, I thought.

  Once I was near enough, I extended a hand and grasped the doorknob. I turned it and pushed the door open, then closed it behind me as I stepped into the room.

  “Is this—”

  I was interrupted by a hoarse, authoritative voice from ahead of me. “Hey, you’re not supposed to be in here!”

  “Ok, ok! Geez…” I glared at the large man in all black on my way out of the small extension and almost slammed the door.

  There was no denying what I saw. Someone was definitely messing with nature and fossils– and I wanted to know why.

  If only I knew at the time that my want to know and what I saw was a deadly combination.

A Cat’s Maternal Instincts

  So, as a few of you already know, I have a cat for a pet, and I’ve always respected animals for their intelligence.

  Primates are almost as smart as man(although as humans and top of the food chain, we can be very dull at times), and dogs can not only help the blind, but also sense when their master is in danger of having a heart attack. Certain birds can imitate words and a wide variety of amazing sounds and noises. Dolphins speak in their own language. Cats are clever and independent.

  Just earlier today, I walked outside to check the mail, take out the trash, and water the lawn. I walked down the pavement path toward the mailbox, a hand over my mouth to stifle an early morning yawn.

  I halted in my steps. The most adorable kitten stared up at me expectantly. I glanced around, but there was no sign of a mother cat trailing behind its young. I picked up the little ball of fluff, went back inside, and made a few signs asking if anyone was missing a kitten.

  After setting the notice up on a few light poles and checking my email and phone call log every few hours, it became apparent that this was a stray.

  “I guess I should send it to the humane society,” I thought aloud. The kitten stared at me in absolute silence.

  Uncertainty plagued my heart. In my opinion, “humane societies” all over the world aren’t living up to their title. There’s nothing humane about putting an animal to sleep after 30 days of its arrival if it doesn’t find a home. I had finally made up my mind. I would keep the adorable animal.

  After naming it “Kai”, I decided to introduce it to my older cat of 2 years old. I was so scared– hopefully Chiva would accept the new cat as her own.

  I set Kai right in front of Chiva and stood over them nervously. To my surprise, my first cat couldn’t leave the new member of my family alone. She followed Kai everywhere, and even saved him from a few scary falls– all within a few hours.

  As I wrote this post, Kai was sleeping on my shoulder, and Chiva on my stomach(yes, I was/am laying down, too.) She’ll occasionally get up to check on him.

  I’m amazed by how easily animals can accept one another, and I hope that humans can do the same some day.

It Held Me Captive

  I know that the title of this particular article sounds as if it should be placed under the genres “romance” and “fiction.” In all reality, it’s about my hatred toward cockroaches. Yes, cockroaches– those evil black or brown crawling insects which sometimes fly that gross most people out, myself definitely included.

  Not only are they disgusting and terrifying in appearance, but what most people aren’t aware of about them is that they also emit a certain chemical mixture that can send someone with asthma into a fit.

  I know that we shouldn’t judge something by its appearance, but because of a prank that was executed on me with a cockroach, I will never be comfortable knowing that there’s one in the vicinity.

  The prank, you’re wondering? Nothing, really. I was asleep, and my roommate decided(without my voice and opinion) that it would be hilarious if he stuck a small cockroach on a certain part of my body– a very sensitive spot, nonetheless. My cheek was his victim. I have forever been scarred. Spiders, I can easily kill or relocate with only a small amount of remorse and pure terror; cockroaches, though, will always be the one thing that I won’t even attempt to kill unless someone else is willing to stomp on them.

  As you may know, another bad thing about these pesky bugs is their reproductive system and its quantities. A single cockroach carries an egg that it will deposit in a warm, dark place. From that one egg, fourteen more cockroaches will be brought into existence. I bet you’ll reconsider whether or not to kill that cockroach next time you see one.

  As if this post could get much worse, I’m about to get to those details; the one’s concerning that night(or rather, very early morning) I was almost assaulted by a bug, that is.

  It was about 2:02 A.M., give or take a few measly minutes. I was reviewing the Jurassic Park trilogy in order to keep myself awake– I had an important story to send to an eager reader and I didn’t want to let them down. When I was almost done with my manuscript, I decided to have a very early and light breakfast.

  So I emerged from my den of computer screen light, the alluring aroma of a freshly made cup of French Vanilla, and the cool current of air that cascaded downward from both the air vent and fan. I slowly walked into the kitchen, turned on the light, and considered my food options. After settling on a bowl of cereal, I took out the milk from the fridge, and cereal box from the pantry.

  I, having the characteristics of someone with OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)– as we can all get from time to time, decided to move the wastebasket from where it was situated to a more appropriate spot. I moved it slightly, almost slowly.

  I instantly clamped a hand over my mouth, the sheer force I used in that action leaving a stinging sensation around my lips and palm. A large cockroach was near the sink and bowls.

  I didn’t have cereal that day– instead, I had a $170 visit(I wasn’t the only one hungry anymore– my poor wallet was starving) from an exterminator who was a close friend and willing to go to work before the sun came up.

Sometimes You Can’t Help but Overhear Those Awkward Conversations

  Have you ever been told the following excuses by your ride home, friend or family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend: “Five more minutes”, “I’ll be out in a minute”, and “Yes, I was a pyromaniac”?

  What was that last one about? If you’ve ever been subjected to sitting next to that one person who just won’t stop talking to someone over the phone during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you know the situation that I’m about to describe.

  I was stuck next to my friend J.(I’ll call them this for their comfort and want of privacy) at Chili’s. I don’t usually splurge on fancy meals since I’m on a limited and radical budget, but that night was special. J. was engaged to her boyfriend from high-school– which was unexpected but welcomed with a whole lot of congratulations and hugs.

  She generously proclaimed that the tab would be better off in her hands, considering the fact that we were going to share the “2-for-$20” special. I was hesitant to let the bride-to-be pay for my food, but after a few minutes of light arguing, I gave up and let her have her way.

  I was enjoying the steak that she’d recommended for me to try, when I heard the unmistakable buzz of a phone in action followed by what was most definitely “Taion”, her favorite song by a sensational Japanese band known as The GazettE. No, it really isn’t the newspaper. Google or Bing it if you’re into the JPop(Japanese pop) scene– you’ll get a whole lot of results.

  She apologized several times, answered the call, and subjected me to over an hour of broken up conversation between her quoting my words to our friend H.(privacy, once again), and telling me what H.’s replies were, along with their own conversation.

  What I didn’t expect(besides J.’s announcemen) was for H. to suddenly bring up a strange topic. “So,” H. began energetically, “have you guys done it yet?”

  I tried not to choke on the lemonade that I had ordered and been slowly working at diminishing. For the next thirty minutes, I listened to the details exchanged between J. and H. It stunned me how she could just give away all those things– and in public, nonetheless.

  Other topics such as the death of the dog Inomise, turtle Simon, opinions on piercings, candy apples, wedding rings and dresses, and a few words on politics were also covered as I awkwardly sat there in silence and finished the last of my steak. An attitude towards pyromania was also discussed, strangely enough.

  It might’ve been the most horrific display of etiquette in the history of horrible etiquette; but that brief encounter with my dusty and never-before-discovered violent side that almost made me reach across the table and snatch that phone gave me this opportunity to channel my frustration and embarrassment into something more productive.

  I silently thank both H. and J. for teaching me a valuable lesson: Sometimes, you’ve just got to sit there and deal with it.

How We Can Love Something So Much

  One of the most reoccurring questions that pops into my head has to do with animals. Yes, an animal. Not money, movies, music, or anything else like that.

  I often wonder how we, as humans, can love something so small such as the following list of animals and more: cats, dogs, hamsters, hermit crabs, rabbits, etc. It’s strange if you think about it more than once.

  I, myself, own a cat at the moment,(and although I’m allergic to cats and dogs) whom I love very much. She’s odd, but very funny. The cat’s name is Chiva, which in Spanish is translated as “goat.” You’re probably thinking that naming a cat “goat” is weird in itself, but I have a perfectly good reason for it. She will eat anything, almost literally. From her cat food to celery, bread, meat, chips, and more.

  While I tend to think that every cat is adorable, I simply love wildcats such as the Snow Leopard, Bengal tiger, Bobcat, and the endangered Ocelot.


  Unfortunately, many people use this adorable animal’s skin for clothing, just like the ostrich. There are many wildlife sanctuaries dedicated to protecting ocelots and other rare and dyeing breeds of animals and plants.

  It’s like we have this natural(and sometimes hidden) tendency to have a love for the creatures that also share the earth with us.

  I would really love to hear if you have a pet that you love, and a bit about your relationship with them.