Local Inspiration

  Hopefully, I’ll soon be heading to downtown McAllen to gather some inspiration. I’ll be taking my notebook along to jot down some quick ideas.

  My goal is to make a compilation of the things that I’m generally interested in so that I can create my own unique style within that of Japanese street fashion.

  Does anyone have any suggestions such as stores, accessories, or things for which I should keep my eye out? I would also love to hear in what fashion genre you’re interested and what you do when searching for an outfit to expand your wardrobe.

Parent’s Guide to Understanding Visual Kei

  I know that I haven’t posted anything recently(I’ve been very busy lately- what with my second blog that’s still in progress, and all the work I’ve had- and really, I’m not complaining) and some of my dedicated readers may, or may not, be disappointed.

  I’ve gotten several requests from friends to write a post dedicated entirely to the “Do and Do not”s that come with having a child who has recently plunged into the world of blasting Japanese music, and men that look and dress like woman.

  That’s right- here’s the Parent’s Guide to Understanding Visual Kei.

1.)Your child is unique, so if they suddenly want to wear mismatched colored contact lenses, dye their hair ridiculous colors, and/or start dressing what is to you, ridiculously, then I assure you, it is most likely not a phase. Instead of trying to stifle their creativity, try to channel it into something less dramatic; maybe they can start out with a load of extra accessories, then build from there.

2.)Don’t let your child walk out the door looking like a geisha- Visual Kei isn’t about suddenly going from normal to crazy. Like the clothing, let them start off with simple or intricate makeup designs that best suit their age, face, etc.

3.)Be prepared to hear nothing but facts about with whom your child is currently infatuated. You’ll learn a lot.

4.)The likelihood of that “girl” actually being a female is close to, if not, ZERO. That’s right, Hizaki is a male who wears dresses- that doesn’t make him gay.

5.)Having your own opinion is very important. Let your child know how you feel about their interest in another culture. Think about it this way, at least they’re trying to learn something new.

6.)Japanese band merchandise can sometimes be expensive; but it’s worth it for a birthday or Christmas; or, you can make something on your own.

  That’s all I have gathered for now. Thank you for reading- I hope this helps you understand better what your child, niece, nephew, sibling, etc. is interested in and how to deal with it.

The “RGV Lolita” Group

  While at Omnicon, I attended a panel, or seminar, about Japanese Street Fashion which covered Decora and some Visual Kei, then gravitated toward the Lolita fashion. I was very impressed by the three representatives of the “RGV Lolita” group that directed the Power Point and gave all of beginning Lolitas easy hints and tips on how to start off in that category.

  They have a Facebook group especially for those Lolitas in the Rio Grande Valley, which is at the tip of Texas, that currently has 61 members, myself included. They gather and meet monthly to discuss small events and other gatherings, trade clothes and buy and sell garments as well, have a tea party, and trade any advice that they’ve acquired.

  I’m very excited to be a part of something that has others who are interested in the same “odd” things that I am when it comes to Japanese fashion. If you live in the Rio Grande Valley and are interested in or are already Lolita, I suggest checking out their Facebook group.

Omnicon Haul

  I found a lot of cool things and met a great deal of awesome cosplayers. My sister(who has just received her invasalign braces) lost the darn, clear things in a trashcan, apparently while I was gone enjoying myself. I think she takes after me. My mom told me all about it over the phone, then asked if I could come over to clean. Having to leave the event early made me sad, but I can still go back since I have the band and I figure that I owe her since she carried me around for 9 months.

  Anyways, time for photos of what I bought!


Domo- Skeleton version.


Death Note Notebook(which actual instructions and names from the show written inside).


A set of cards for my Uncle.


Ciel and Eevee pins.


Inuyasha: The Final Cut(Part 1).

  And that’s it! I also met David Yost, the original blue Power Ranger. As well as a few others. It was a lot of fun!

Lolita- This Fashion Statement and It’s Subcategories

  Lolita- a branch off of that of Visual Kei and closely related to Oshare Kei and Decora. It’s most often referred to as a “cute form of Goth”, and sometimes even Goth Punk.

  There are a few different sub-genres under Lolita. They are Sweet Lolita, Goth Lolita, Classic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Elegant Goth Lolita, and Classic Goth Lolita. In each, the term “Loli” is often used to shorten the name, such as GothLoli.

  The Lolita fashion branch is based on Victorian Era clothing- which consists of lace, ribbons, and a “cupcake” shaped dress that is achieved by layers of petticoats. It was only until some time ago that the Loli fashion statement began to change, and objects such as headsets, stockings, platform shoes or boots, and parasols were accepted with open arms, which also contributes to the multiple categories.

  Sweet Loli. Also known as Amor Loli focuses strongly on the Victoria and Edwardian Era and uses basic Loli designs with lighter colors and more childlike motifs. Colors such as pink, fresh pink, light or normal red, and pastels are used in makeup. The outfits consist of animals, lace, ribbons, fruit, flowers, and also pastel colors. Jewelry often helps aid in the fantasy theme.


  Goth Loli. The colors in Goth Lolita are darker and mostly consists of dark red and blacks. Black makeup such as eyeliner is often applied to form a certain defined look.


  Elegant Goth Loli. This is a substyle of Goth Lolita and is influenced by the Steampunk fashion.

  Classic Loli. It’s a more mature style of Lolita, and is a mix between Sweet Loli and Goth Loli- it isn’t too sweet or dark, and tends to focus on the Victorian style. Shoes and clothes are more functional, and the jewelry often contains very intricate designs and is less whimsical.


  Punk Loli. Here, punk fashion elements are added to normal Loli and Goth Loli. Animals may be seen, as well as numerous buckles and straps, pins, ties, and other accessories.


  If you have any questions or want a more detailed explanation, feel free to Email me at codegeass0915@yahoo.com or leave a question in the comments. You can also look up any term through your search engine(Yahoo!, Bing, Google, etc.) and find a number of things.

I Was Flammable for Three Seconds

  So, as I’ve recently found out, a simple combination made up of four things can lead to success or a painfully humiliating disaster. You might possibly be thinking the following right now: “What can be so serious?”, “Is this about murder?”, or “‘Simple’, you say.” I hereby assure you, no cranium, hair, or hair products were harmed in the making of this particularly odd and wholly true blog, and it has nothing to do with murder or anything to a serious degree.

  The want/idea to spike one’s hair, determination, willpower, and hair spray– all these things contribute to a minor, yet hazardous situation.

  Hair spray– the ultimate tool to make your hair stay just the way you want it, rain or shine. The warning labels? Scary and vast. I’m not “dissing” hair spray, I’m a huge fan of and use it regularly, but it contributes to messing up the ozone. It’s also highly flammable, as most of you already know. You’re also not supposed to inhale it or get it in your eyes.

  Hair spray is evil. It’s really a miracle, though. Unless your mother asked you to visit the home you wish you could’ve fled at an earlier age multiple times and pulls the “I gave birth to you” card just so she can mess up your hair to irreparable measures with a can of ultra hair spray and curling iron.

  “Bend over,” she had beckoned with a small smile. An all too familiar smile promising doom and desolation, if you ask me when I’m feeling dramatic.

  I, being the somewhat trusting daughter(for which I should’ve received an award) that I was/am, bent over and simply waited without a word until she was done ruffling and spraying my hair. I then stood up straight and walked to the bathroom as slowly as humanly possible– which, in the end, wasn’t slowly enough to avoid the horrific sight that stared back at me in the mirror.

  My hair was literally everywhere. No words can describe how wild it was. Well, think of a lion’s mane on a stick figures head, this would be a basic and non-descriptive idea of what I looked like.

  I laughed until my sides hurt, then of course, I had asked her to fix the tangled monster she’d created.

  It may have been the most dangerous encounter that I’ve had so far; the first time she used the iron, my hair wasn’t completely dry from the thick cloud of hair spray that she’d used to sabotage my appearance, which means that I could’ve been a human torch.

  Now, I use the hair product with the ultimate caution. That includes not allowing my mother to use it on me a second time.