Blogging Subjects- Help is Here(Hopefully)

  I’ve hit a wall- one that refuses to collapse unless I bring in Mr.Gorbachov or the Hulk; either way, I hit the point in my “blogging career” where inspiration isn’t a wide and flowing river, but a trickling stream that offers nothing but pity.

  We all come to this soon enough, now, what you do in response is what matters. If you decide to give up altogether, then that won’t get anything done; but if you try to find a solution, then you might hit the jackpot.

  Writing daily is a good practice, but for those busy folks, writing on occasion is alright, too.

  Writing ideas. Coming up with something to write and post isn’t always easy, so here are a few simple examples to set your mind at ease and give you a small helping hand.

  1.)Nature. Describe the scenery around you- it can help give your readers a feel of where you live, and can even bring you closer to them through possible similarities.

  2.)Childhood Reminiscence. Post something a little more personal- maybe a funny occasion when you were younger, something that you looked forward to, or even a heart-gripping story. You could write about your favorite pet, elementary school, or best friend.

  3.)Opinions. Start a discussion about technology, environmentalists, famous singers and actors, or anything with which you have a genuine interest.

  4.)Review Movies, Books, Etc. If you’ve read a book, seen a movie, listened to a song, or done a drawing or arts and crafts object, voice the description of it and state your likes and dislikes while trying not to give spoilers(unless you’ve included a spoiler warning).

  5.)Lists. You can never have too many lists. Lists… well, list, your likes and can be helpful for others who are searching for something. Make a list of the top 10 books you recommend for others to read and why, or do the same with any other topic. The length and subject is up to you.

  6.)Gathering Resources. Leave feedback on other Blogger’s posts and ask for advice. Read their posts and study the topics that they cover, why they do so, and how they format it. Everyone has a different style, but looking at their way of doing things might inspire you to make some changes or write about something new.

  7.)Facts. Not all blogs are educational, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t post random facts like why flamingos are pink and other things.

  8.)Awareness. Not everyone has time to watch the news in the morning, listen to the radio, or even pick up a newspaper. Watching the news and writing down the important and current events can help keep others up to date, and make you a semi-journalist.

  9.)Cultural Studies. If there’s a country or culture that you’re fascinated with, do a little research and post about that. Let others know about India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Spain, or any place that you like. It doesn’t have to be a full-on report. Just include some common facts, maybe photos, why you like this place, the system of currency, or some unknown facts and opinions.

  10.)Target: Stomach. A lot of people love cooking, and eating the food that’s cooked. Jotting down clear steps to making a dish that you like or want to try can appeal to a great deal of people and give you something to write about.

  11.)Secret Talent. Maybe you have something that you’re really good at. Don’t keep it all to yourself. If you’re talented, be proud and tell people.

  12.)Everyday. Write about your day- why it was good, why it was bad, what the weather was like, if you met anyone new, what you did that made you smile, anything and everything that happens to you in a single day.

  13.)Arts and Crafts. Share D.I.Y(Do It Yourself) projects that you liked and want other to know about. Explain the hard or easy process and be sure to tell everyone how to do it and how it turned out, whether it was a failure or a success.

  14.)Quotations. Quote things from others- famous or not- that go with your mood, style, or anything else.

  15.)Support. Share information about a charity or at-home-cause that really calls to you. Include things like what they’re supporting, how to help the cause, other social media pages to follow, like, contact, etc., and what you can do to help.

  16.)Dreamland. Dreams can either be weird, or completely normal; then again, our thoughts on what normal actually is varies. Describe a dream that you had(old or new) that you want to share. Cover the dream itself and how you acted when you woke up.

  17.)It’s a Drabble. A Drabble is a short, fictional post of only 100 words. It’s a good challenge for writers and those who are interested in writing, and it helps the mind. You can create an account at

  18.)Shopping Hauls. Focus on what arrived in the mail or was bought at a store. Clothing, jewelry, any accessories, shoes, art supplies, you hobby supplies- use your stuff at a shopping session and share with your readers. There’s Miss A, eBay, Amazon, Milanoo, Goodwill, Barnes and Noble, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, h.Naoto, Hot Topic, and so many other hauls.

  19.)Faith. Religion. Share your beliefs and what you think is right.

  That’s all I have for now. Hopefully this served its purpose and I’ve lit a fire under you. Good luck, and happy hunting fellow bloggers and readers.

D.I.Y. Denim Projects

  Do you have an old pair of pants laying around? Maybe they don’t fit, are way too faded, or your love for them has simply vanished. Instead of throwing them away, and if you’re not planning on giving them to someone else because of sentimental value, why not cut them up and use them to make other cool things?

  I had a pair of denim pants that didn’t fit anymore(they were high water), so I got my sewing kit out and went to work.

  Phone case. Materials: 1.)Needle and thread(preferably a color that matches your pants), 2.)Old jeans, 3.)A phone, and 4.)Scissors(fabric would be best, but since I didn’t have any, I used regular).

  Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric large enough to fold over your phone, leaving about an inch or so on each side. You can also try something else: Cut two symmetrical pieces of fabric and leave an inch of space on each side.

  Step 2: If you cut a large piece that folds over, make sure that your phone is placed on the inside-out part. If you cut two pieces, place the phone in the center.

  Step 3: Begin sewing. When you’re sewing, leave some space between the edge of the fabric and the phone. Don’t sew directly beside the phone, but don’t put too much space. Whether you’re using one or two pieces, leave the top open and don’t sew it. Use your phone as a guideline.

  Step 4: Cut off the excess fabric on all sides, mindful not to cut too near the thread, otherwise it might unravel(so you have to leave some space). Take the phone out and turn your pocket right-side out so that you can see the darker part that you normally see on pants.

  You’re done! Add other things to it that will be your own design, if you want. I’m sorry that I couldn’t show the step-by-step pictures, but here’s my turn out.


Lolita- This Fashion Statement and It’s Subcategories

  Lolita- a branch off of that of Visual Kei and closely related to Oshare Kei and Decora. It’s most often referred to as a “cute form of Goth”, and sometimes even Goth Punk.

  There are a few different sub-genres under Lolita. They are Sweet Lolita, Goth Lolita, Classic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Elegant Goth Lolita, and Classic Goth Lolita. In each, the term “Loli” is often used to shorten the name, such as GothLoli.

  The Lolita fashion branch is based on Victorian Era clothing- which consists of lace, ribbons, and a “cupcake” shaped dress that is achieved by layers of petticoats. It was only until some time ago that the Loli fashion statement began to change, and objects such as headsets, stockings, platform shoes or boots, and parasols were accepted with open arms, which also contributes to the multiple categories.

  Sweet Loli. Also known as Amor Loli focuses strongly on the Victoria and Edwardian Era and uses basic Loli designs with lighter colors and more childlike motifs. Colors such as pink, fresh pink, light or normal red, and pastels are used in makeup. The outfits consist of animals, lace, ribbons, fruit, flowers, and also pastel colors. Jewelry often helps aid in the fantasy theme.


  Goth Loli. The colors in Goth Lolita are darker and mostly consists of dark red and blacks. Black makeup such as eyeliner is often applied to form a certain defined look.


  Elegant Goth Loli. This is a substyle of Goth Lolita and is influenced by the Steampunk fashion.

  Classic Loli. It’s a more mature style of Lolita, and is a mix between Sweet Loli and Goth Loli- it isn’t too sweet or dark, and tends to focus on the Victorian style. Shoes and clothes are more functional, and the jewelry often contains very intricate designs and is less whimsical.


  Punk Loli. Here, punk fashion elements are added to normal Loli and Goth Loli. Animals may be seen, as well as numerous buckles and straps, pins, ties, and other accessories.


  If you have any questions or want a more detailed explanation, feel free to Email me at or leave a question in the comments. You can also look up any term through your search engine(Yahoo!, Bing, Google, etc.) and find a number of things.

Easy Tips to a Successful Blog

  If you’ve reviewed any of my other posts, then you’ll know that I covered “Strategic Blogging” in one of them.

  So I’ve thought about this, and finally decided to write a post that’ll help anyone have a successful blog.

  Write about something which your readers can relate to. If you write about everyday situations and events and topics, it’ll be easier for your readers to understand where you’re coming from and they’ll be able to appreciate it.

  Post easy tutorials. Posting a tutorial or simple “How-To” can help and urge your readers to comment on the turn-out, and they’ll likely look to you if your information is credible.

  Engage with your readers. Reply to comments left on anything you’ve published, and be open to constructive criticism. Remember, you want feedback from your readers– don’t get upset because someone doesn’t agree with what you’ve written.

  Be a good sport. Sharing other posts from fellow bloggers can “up” your views or even get on people’s good side.

  Host competitions. A competition can be a good way to get some publicity. It’ll also help get more feedback and spread the word of your blog.

  Express your opinions on other articles. Leaving a genuine comment on someone’s post can get them to notice you and maybe read a few of your posts.

  Write reviews. Review a movie, book, or song. Share your opinions with others and ask for their own.

  Share a life experience. Tell your readers about a trip you took, or a funny story. Tell them something embarrassing or triumphant.

The Half Spanish Omelette

  I’ve been wanting to make a tutorial for a while now, so here it is! A food tutorial. I love cooking, and while I don’t eat breakfast often, I have a simple recipe for what I call an “almost Spanish omelette.”

  For this dish, you’ll need the following list of things:

3.)2 eggs,
4.)A tomato,
7.)A pan,
9.)A knife,
10.)Bowl, and a

  I suggest cutting the tomato and ham into fine slices before turning on the stove. Depending on how your stove measures heat, you’ll either put it on 5-6 or medium-high. Once you’ve cut everything, crack the eggs in a bowl and add a tablespoon of milk and pepper and salt. Whisk it thoroughly.

  Place your pan on the stove. Turn it on, then put some butter(or whatever it is that you use) on it so that the eggs don’t stick to it. Once the butter is melted slightly and has begun sizzling, pour the whisked eggs onto the pan.

  You might want to monitor it diligently. As it becomes hotter, you’ll begin to see very small bubbles. Take a spatula and very gently test the edges of the egg to see whether or not it’s sturdy already. Once the edges are all hardened, take the tomato and ham and spread it on one side, then slide the spatula under the egg and flip it over the other side.

  Flip the half-shaped omelette one or two times, then slide it onto a platter.

  Ta-Da— and there’s your omelette! I hope this helped a little. Enjoy the food.