Vlogging(Video Blogging)

  Ok, so to all of those who tolerate my rants– thank you very much– I have a question to ask. I want to start a vlog. It doesn’t necessarily have to be professional or anything like that, but would any of you have pointers or basic things to start off with?

  I would like to start on YouTube, but if there are websites and/or apps out there that are specifically for vlogs, that would also be helpful.

  Topics. I want to cover a wide variety of things from makeup tutorials to reviews, upcoming things in the media area, and everyday things.

  Materials. I’m thinking about using my phone or webcam on the laptop I own to create the videos.

  Location. My room would be the first choice, but if you know of a better place, such as outside, please let me know.

  Budget. I’m willing to spend $20-50 on whatever things are needed to improve my vlog and reach out to the targeted group.

  Targeted Group. I’m fascinated by the Japanese culture, so I may try to appeal to the Japanese culture in fashion.

  Please leave comments and suggestions. I need a little bit of help with this, so any advice/tips will be appreciated. Thank you.