Zombies: My Theoretical Situation

I bet you’ve all had this thought every once in a while after seeing a movie like “World War Z”, “Resident Evil”, or “Night of the Living Dead”: “If zombies were real, would I survive?”

I’ve often had this thought, and a few more. “Who would I eat first?”, “Which friends would I take with me?”, yes, these are good questions to ask, and even fun to think about depending on your personal sense of humor.

It’s simple, really: Charles Darwain’s theory “Survival of the Fittest”(for those of you who may not be familiar with this theory, it basically states that those who are superior will win, or survive, rather than the weak– the title is somewhat self explanitory) should explain it all. But that’s not always true, is it? Just because someone can’t run as fast doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re done for and you should abandon them.

If you’ve seen “Cabin in the Woods”, you’ll understand what I’m saying perfectly. The person characterized to be the fool actually lasted a whole lot longer than the athlete, scholar, and blonde. He made it to the end.

I know that my friends and I have speculated about the events that would occur if zombies ever became real. We instantly killed off the slowest person we knew, unfortunately, which may not have been wise.

There are different classes of survival, ranging from Casual to Extreme.

Casual is believed to be an outbreak in a small, contained area. The films “Quarantine”, and its sequel “Quarantine 2” both take place in secluded scenes. The first is in an apartment complex, the second in an airport cargo dock.

Alerting would be in a larger place, but not an entire city or country. It would begin in someplace such as a decent sized school, hospital, or large library. This would also give the person a better choice of things to use as a weapon for protection.

Extreme is classified as the worst there can be. We’re talking world infection, here! Basically, unless you’re the main character in a movie, you’re doomed.

Feel free to share your “Zeke”, or otherwise known as Zombie, ideas on this blog.

Here are some things you can consider in your shared thoughts: 1.)Who you would save if you were allowed 5 people(famous or otherwise personal), 2.)Where you would hide, 3.)What weapons you would use, 4.)If you were forced to eat a companion, who would it be, 5.)What your plan of action would be, 6.)How you would react to the whole situation, and other things.