A Little Bump Goes a Far Way

  The date is some years ago(approximately over 5 years, anyway) and the setting is around 2:30 P.M., at the house of Hinojosa, where a visitor has just arrived and is settling. The age of the youngest sibling is 3 years old- the time where they’re still adorable.

  I remember this event more clearly than any of the others I’ve shared with you. Partially because it’s been branded in my mind, and at the time, it was hilarious. In the end, though, I think it did its fair share of irreparable damage.

  My Aunt had come over for the afternoon to “hang out” with her favorite nieces- probably because we are still her only nieces.

  She excused herself to the bathroom while my mother, sister, and I sat down in the T.V. room to set up a competitive and fun game of UNO. There were beverages on coasters and snacks in bowls and on plates set up on the table as well.

  We didn’t notice when my sister sneaked away, most likely to bother or “check” on out Aunt.

  That’s when we heard it- a loud, deafening shriek. A pudgy, baby-fat-is-still-there shriek. We ran out of the room and witnessed something that I had believed to be horribly funny. My sister ran, tripped, and fell, hitting her head against not only the buffet, but the TILE floor as well. A loud “crack!” was heard, then some wailing.

  As I look back on it, I think I wish I would’ve taken it a bit more seriously. After all, she could’ve really hurt herself; but she was fine. I don’t know what scared her. It might’ve been the spider on the wall that no one bothered to kill because it was large AND apparently ready to jump.

  She developed a large bump, and my mom(being a nurse) used a Sharpie to mark it and made sure that the swelling went down. Since I told her(said sibling) that our mom was actually playing tic-tac-toe on her forehead, she believes it with all of her heart to this very day.

  That injury explains a lot. Such as her horrible scores on Driver’s Ed tests, her social acceptance, sewing skills, and so much more.